About us – T. Hurst & Sons of Bullens Farm

The Hurst Family have farmed for over 300 years on the fertile West Lancashire plain, using this high quality, free draining arable land for our crops.

Traditionally an arable farm, we have always grown rye grass as a part of the rotation, producing top quality seeds hay targeted at competition and race horses.

The farm has an increasing area of grass dedicated to high quality haylage production, sold as quality forage for the horse market.

Our most popular product is our small bale haylage, packed in sealed bags for easy, clean handling and each weighing approximately 20kg. This makes them ideal for the individual horse and pony owner – they can be easily carried around the yard and stables, you can transport several bales in the average car, and you eliminate the problem of large bales going off when they are not used quickly enough.

More information is available on our products and stockists.

Other products grown at Bullens Farm include Straw, Hay, Potatoes and Barley. For more information please call us.